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Which generation is the fittest of them all?

So which generation really is the fittest? We put our six guinea pigs (from Gen X to Gen Z) to the ultimate test - with VERY surprising results
• Is it really all downhill after 25? Not if you’re up to speed with the latest in ‘fitness retention’.

Conventional wisdom is this: the body hits its physical peak at 25 and it’s an uphill struggle from there. But in the race for longevity with its supplements, Oura trackers, reformer pilates and sleep scores, conventional wisdom is looking a little of

Why did CMAT’s bum-revealing outfit spark such a backlash? - Woo

People have shown off their bums since the start of time. In fact, using clothing to accentuate your behind can be traced back to ancient Greece – the Motya Charioteer is a 5th century sculpture famed for its pert posterior, or what social media would call a bubble butt... And, while full-blown bare bottoms may not be a thing just yet in fashion, revealing your butt cleavage – part of your bum cheeks and the intergluteal cleft (a scientific way of saying arse crack) – is something we’ve seen a l

The best bottomless brunches in Nottingham: 11 boozy brunch ideas

Discover our picks of the best bottomless brunches that Nottingham has to offer - because what is brunch without a side of endless booze?

Can you even remember a time when brunch wasn’t paired with free flowing mimosas or endless glasses of prosecco? We certainly can't, and quite frankly, we don't want to either. For the uninitiated, brunch is the combination of breakfast and lunch, taking the best elements of the two meals and creating something that, in our opinion, is far superior. The addit

Everything you need to know about Play Works, Orleans House Gallery

Children and art galleries are two things you probably wouldn't associate with each other. One screams chaos while the other screams culture, but somehow Orleans House Gallery in Twickenham has made it work.

The Play Works exhibition which opened in November is in collaboration with the Turner Prize-winning art and architecture collective Assemble and Assemble Play. It celebrates the endless possibilities of play, encouraging children to let their imaginations run wild while their parents sit b

An interview with John Griffiths

I met John Griffiths, a former motor industry journalist for the Financial Times, a couple of days before his 80th birthday.

He was at home with his wife Peggy, their rescue chow Susie, and their yappy little grand-dog.

We sat in the library – a posh way of saying the front room – and talked about everything from gongoozlers*, to sleeping on the side of the runway in Australia.

Needless to say, Griffiths’ career has been nothing short of colourful and so much of it has come down to luck, be i

Why are ultra-processed foods the next big thing?

Ultra-processed foods are the latest food fad to have been brought into the spotlight, and are set to be the next big thing in health and nutrition.

Whether it’s cutting out sugar, intermittent fasting or following a Mediterranean diet, people are always looking for ways to cut out the latest bad guy, and improve their health.

According to a recent YouGov and Food Standards Agency (FSA) survey, more than half of the British public are concerned by the ingredients of their food, additives and o

Ins and Outs for 2024: The new year social media trend we're loving

The day after my pony Benji died, we let the other horses out. Swirly, my ex-racehorse, galloped to the bottom of the hill, frantically searching for him. She galloped back up again. She kept calling to him. They were so close. I feel for her, but I feel for me, too. The guilt that I had to put him to sleep when he trusted me. I kept telling the vet he looked fine, but she assured me he had sepsis, and would be in agony were it not for the drugs.

The new books to add to your must-read list in 2024

The day after my pony Benji died, we let the other horses out. Swirly, my ex-racehorse, galloped to the bottom of the hill, frantically searching for him. She galloped back up again. She kept calling to him. They were so close. I feel for her, but I feel for me, too. The guilt that I had to put him to sleep when he trusted me. I kept telling the vet he looked fine, but she assured me he had sepsis, and would be in agony were it not for the drugs.

Britain, we have a problem: wonky fruit and surplus produce

Left & Ripe, a London based RTD (ready-to-drink) company founded by 29-year-olds Sam and Ben, has had one such idea. The duo first met at primary school in New Zealand, and they have been best friends ever since.

Noticing the abundance of wonky fruit available in the UK, Left & Ripe has ingrained it into their brand and ethos, turning it into a delicious drink which proves it all tastes the same, no matter what it looks like.

All its wonky ingredients are sourced within the UK from apples and

WATCH: London Christmas tree rental

As Christmas rolls round once again, more and more people in London are considering sustainable approaches to their Christmas tree for the festive season.

People can make a variety of small changes to be more sustainable in the festive period, from sending e-cards to wrapping their presents in newspapers, but now there is an opportunity to rent your Christmas tree instead of buying an artificial tree or a cut tree.

Jonathan Means and Catherine Loveless set up The London Christmas Tree Rental i

Man to run 280km from Bristol to London in four days

A travel agent is running 280-kilometres from Bristol to London this weekend.

Tom Harding, 31, who lives in Kensal Rise in north west London, will be running the equivalent of seven marathons between Thursday and Sunday to raise money and awareness for Alcohol Change UK – a charity working towards a society that is free from the harm caused by alcohol.

Two years ago Harding lost his sister Katy to alcohol poisoning when she was just 30-years-old and believes that all levels of society need to

WATCH: A Morning With the Teddington Bluetits

When all the swimming pools closed in March 2020, many people were at a loss of where to swim and they were wishing they lived nearer the sea.

However, luckily for them, they lived near the river.

The Teddington Bluetits began meeting in January 2021 and the group, which now has more than 1400 members, has gone from strength to strength.

They now meet three times a week, but many people chose to swim every day – sometimes twice.

I spent a Sunday morning with the Bluetits and they told me all

How to save money without too much effort — THE KNOW

Times are tough for a lot of people right now. While inflation is starting to drop, the cost of living is still sky-high. Rent is astronomical (an average room in a shared house in London is £971 per month!), household staples are significantly more expensive than they were this time last year and even supermarket meal deals are no longer as cheap as they used to be. But while the stats aren’t looking good, not everything is doom and gloom. Before I tell you why, I should probably introduce myse

Are city farms the best kept secret in London?

City farms have grown exponentially over the past 50 years, both London and across the UK.

There are 12 farms in the capital and more than 40 across the country – in big cities such as Birmingham and Bristol, and in smaller towns such as Cwmbran in South Wales.

Running a farm in an urban environment is incredibly difficult – it requires a lot of hard work and labour, and the farms tend to be underfunded as a result of budget cuts and changing priorities.

However, the original idea behind urba

Artist set to lose hundreds of paintings as Millennium Bridge shuts

An artist is set to lose the majority of his paintings on the Millennium Bridge when it closes for urgent repairs on October 14.

Ben Wilson, 60, an environmental artist known as the ‘chewing gum man’, has spent more time on the Millennium Bridge than most, turning discarded chewing gum into art since 2013.

He has created two trails which run from the north end of the bridge to the Tate Modern, creating over 600 pieces of work. However, when the bridge closes on Saturday, only 75 paintings will

Lewisham child has no need for inhaler since ULEZ expanded

A mother from Lewisham has claimed her son who has asthma has not needed to use his inhaler since the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) was expanded across all London boroughs in August.

Jane Alaszewski, 50, said her 12-year-old son was using his inhaler every day after developing persistent asthma.

However, since ULEZ was expanded last month, the reduction in traffic on the A20 has had a positive impact.

She said: “Every time we leave Lewisham or the A20, if we go away for a night or a week, we

How To Keep Up With Journalling

In simple terms, a diary or a journal is a record of your day-to-day life; your deepest, darkest thoughts, and everything in between.

People have been keeping journals since the beginning of time, with records tracing back as far as 55 AD. The reasons why are much the same as they are today: it’s a way to remember day-to-day happenings, alleviate stress and inspire creativity. Some diaries have even become well-known books; take The Diaries of Samuel Pepys (1825) by Samuel Pepys and The Diary o